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Bonjour App for Zoom - View and update Salesforce, within Zoom | Product Hunt
Bonjour App for Zoom - View and Update Salesforce, within Zoom | Product Hunt

View & Update Salesforce, within Zoom

Save 1+ hour a day with Bonjour App for Zoom, starting now!
Free forever. No credit card required. Install in seconds.
Bonjour App for Zoom, view and update Salesforce within Zoom

Bonjour handles your tedious work

Discover how Bonjour helps you sell happier.
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Accounts Executives rely on Bonjour App for Zoom
to take care of their admin tasks.
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“I really like the Bonjour App for Zoom because it helps me keep track of call notes, and makes updating Salesforce easy and efficient. I like that I can do everything directly within Zoom.”
Erin DeLisle
Enterprise Account Executive at Oktopost 🐙
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"Templates help me and my team conduct sales calls more consistently and, as Head of Sales, I love how everything finds its way into Salesforce automatically."
Allan Anastacio
Head of Sales & Sales Operations
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"Bonjour saves me a ton of time on data entry and the fact that you can do everything directly within Zoom makes it easier to prepare for meetings. It increases my pre-call confidence."
Dak Brown

Conduct meetings without
the back-and-forth between apps

How Bonjour + Zoom becomes your new workspace.
View and take your notes directly within Zoom with Bonjour App For Zoom

Remove the stress of switching tabs and apps

View and take your notes directly within Zoom
Prepare your notes and research before your meetings
During calls, read or take notes within Zoom
When sharing screen, view your notes while they remain invisible to guests
Sync with Salesforce within Zoom with Bonjour App for Zoom

Save 1+ hour a day!

Sync with Salesforce within Zoom
Connect any note with one or more Salesforce records
Access and update Salesforce fields directly from Zoom
Notes taken will push to Salesforce automatically
Create your own templates or use Sales Icons in Bonjour App for Zoom

Drive better meetings

Create your own templates or use Sales Icons'
Build templates for the various types of calls you have
Start your calls prepared by selecting the right template in one click
Get inspiration from Sales Icons to build templates that close more deals
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Frequently Asked Questions

No hidden fees. No weird setup. No blurry data privacy rules.
What is a Zoom App?

Zoom Apps are a new type of integration that allow you to bring the apps you love directly into your meetings to make them more engaging, productive, and fun.  Bonjour App for Zoom is one of the first Zoom Apps available, designed for selling.

How much does Bonjour App for Zoom cost?

Bonjour App for Zoom is free.  In the future we plan to charge for added functionality but the core Bonjour experience will always remain free.

Can I use Bonjour as an individual?

Yes, you can use Bonjour as an individual. You can take notes, use custom note templates, log your notes to the Salesforce records of your choice and update specific, corresponding fields. All that, while in a Zoom meeting and as an individual Sales Rep (but don't hesitate to tell the rest of your sales team to join the party! 🎊)

What if I need approval from my Zoom admin to install Zoom apps?

No worries, asking your Zoom admin for approval is very easy and shouldn't take you or your Zoom admin more than 1 minute!
We wrote a short article about it here: learn more.

How secure and private is my Salesforce data with Bonjour?

We will never keep your Salesforce data in Bonjour.  See our terms of service and privacy policy for more detail.

Still having questions? Check the help center or contact us.

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