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The First Videoconferencing Platform designed for Account Executives.

Close more deals with automated scheduling, prospect attention indicators, structured note templates, and deep CRM integration.  
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Take notes directly into Bonjour

Focus on the conversation, take notes in the app you present in, load your team templates and log everything to your CRM.

Smart Note Templates

Create note templates and sync them with your most important CRM fields.  Be prepared for any objection thrown your way and nail every pitch

Sync with CRM

At the end of your calls, log the activity and your notes with one-click.  Improve your CRM hygiene while reducing time spent on data entry

Get a real-time view on your prospect's attention

The attention indicator switches from green to orange when your prospects switch tabs, so you know when you need to re-engage them.
The indicator switches from orange to red when your prospects have not returned for over 60 seconds.  

Remain green and know you command attention.

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Guest hasn't returned for over 60 seconds
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Joshua Webster

The best buying experience ever made.

Your buyer's experience is one of the most important aspects of your sales process.  You don't want to interfere with it with a poor videoconferencing experience.  Bonjour does not require participants to install or download anything to join a meeting.  Even on Mobile.

That’s it, you’re in.

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Automated email reminders
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Click and connect
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Any device, any browser
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Joining Meeting
Screenshare feature

Screen Share the way you want.

Share your entire screen or a specific window peacefully.  Control what participants can and cannot see.  Give your viewer control so that they can share their screen as well.

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Highlightable screenshare
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Preloaded asset library
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Embedded calls to action
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Snoozed notifications

No more guesswork, get the insights you need.

Make every sales call better than your last by reviewing them with your team.  Tag your conversations and get personalized coaching from your peers and managers.  Take your sales game to the next level.

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Call Recording
Tags / Trackers
Personalized Coaching

How does it work

From automated scheduling to improving your sales pitch, let's see how Bonjour works.

Buyer Experience

Easily schedule your meetings.  Bonjour will create the meeting link and add it to your calendar invites

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Give Great Demos

Give great demos with Bonjour

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Receive insights & feedback from your managers and peers

What our clients are saying

Thanks to Bonjour and their CRM integration, I got 5 hours back to focus on closing more deals without sacrificing our CRM Hygiene.
Maeva Kessler
Account Executive at Batch
Bonjour is a powerful tool set combining top notch sale experience and key takeaways for Sales team upbringing.
Louis Supau
Account Executive at Work4
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