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By Marc Richard

10 Best Practices When Selling Remotely

10 Best Practices When Selling Remotely Like many of you, we’ve transitioned to being fully-remote here at Bonjour. And it got us curious about selling remotely. If you’re the typical non-remote...

10 Best Practices When Selling Remotely

Like many of you, we’ve transitioned to being fully-remote here at Bonjour.

And it got us curious about selling remotely.

If you’re the typical non-remote sales team, you might be freaking out at the idea of prospecting, setting up meetings and closing in a fully-remote fashion. Especially in times of crisis.

Well, we’ve got you. Here’s a list of our best tips to set you up for success when selling from home.

For Managers

#1 Get the right tools

It all starts with software. Amiright?

When your team is remote, it can be pretty difficult to know what’s going on when it comes to prospecting.

Who’s talking to who and when?

Tools like Salesloft, Outreach or Prospectin are a huge help for generating that pipeline and giving you an overview of the activity.

These tools will become your best mates for booking meetings and engaging with your customers.


Now that you've got meetings set up, it's time to close them.

And there’s no other way around it.

You gotta sell with your video.

It's much more effective and will no doubt increase your chances of closing that deal.

So don’t be shy and turn that video on ;)

Bonjour is a videoconferencing tool designed just for that.

#2 Share Wins

More than ever, it's crucial to create a culture that values wins and teamwork.

Being remote means that sometimes you'll feel a bit more isolated than usual.

So celebrate all the wins!

With call recordings, it becomes so much easier to find your team's shining moments.

You’ve spotted a sweet part of the call where your sales rep won over the prospect?

Share it with the team.

It’s a huge driver of motivation and creates a close-knit culture.

We also love Steli from Close's idea of using Snapchat to share wins within the team.

Whatever it is, you gotta do what it takes to create a winning sales team culture.

#3 Over-coach your team

Don’t hold back on giving feedback to your team.

Now is the time they need it the most.

But I get it, you might think it's harder since everyone is at home.

And you're not on the sales floor so you can't hear your reps or jump on some calls to help.

Well, it’s not necessarily more complicated to give feedback while remote.

You just gotta switch the way you do it.

Make the best use of videoconferencing tools with call recordings like Bonjour.

Just go back to your reps’ recordings, share it with them on Slack and give them tailored feedback.

You can also use your scorecard to support your coaching efforts.

Grab your free call scoring cheat sheet now.

Do it as much as you can.

It’s important your team feels supported during these uncertain times.

Better to feel like you’re coaching too much than thinking you’re hitting the right balance.

Pro Tip: You can listen a 30 min call in 5min with Bonjour with speed and transcript features.

#4 But… don't micro-manage

Yes you can track prospecting activity with Salesloft, check out your team’s call recordings and track call activity with Bonjour

But not so fast...

While it’s awesome to have all these tools at the ready, it's super important to have the right attitude from the getgo and grant trust in your reps.

It might be tempting to ping them on Slack and ask how that call went or how many calls they've done so far today.

But if they feel spied on or micro-managed, it doesn't matter if you have all the tools in the world, their performance will not be optimal.

So use tools to coach and make them into better sales.

Not to track their activity and second guess their actions.

That’s how you’ll get the most out of them.

#5 Set clear and defined goals

More than ever when remote, you need to establish a sound structure and routine.

Did you use to run weekly meetings with your team?

Why not make them daily now.

Do it in the morning so that it sets the tone for the day.

Everyone can check in with each other, share key information and update the team on what's been happening.

It's also your opportunity to make sure that everyone understands the KPIs and how to attain them.

You just gotta be highly rigorous about it and results will follow.

#6 Have fun with your team

Team lunches, water-cooler and coffee moments…

It’s hard to replicate these types of breaks when fully remote.

And there’s huge value in them - it creates bonds within the teams, and makes work not feel like work.

So try and recreate those as much as you can!

Plan weekly team lunches and happy hours over video calls.

It might not be the exact same, but trust us, it will still be a blast!

For Sales Reps

#7 Get motivated

It can be more difficult to separate work and life when being remote.

So you gotta get in the mood to ace your calls.

Whether it’s a specific song that gets you going in the morning.

Doing your pushup routine, meditating or visualizing a closing deal.

Do whatever it takes to get you hyped up before you start your day.

#8 Prospecting still matters

Even in these uncertain times, it's necessary to not completely halt your prospecting efforts.

But you might have to tweak your strategy a little bit.

For instance, you can prioritize contacts you already have a relationship with.

Only reach out to the people who've already visited your LinkedIn profile.

Or why not even offer something of value to your prospects?

Like a webinar to give them tips on how to best deal with this crisis.

In any case, you have to remember that this is a difficult time for most people.

Acknowledge it with your prospects and don’t forget to be human.

#9 Use this time to learn

Listen to that sales podcast you’ve been meaning to.

Read that best-selling book you’ve had on your desk for months.

And most importantly, leverage the biggest source of learning you got: your peers.

You've got a colleague who consistently crushes it and you’ve always wanted to know their secret?

Use this time to learn from them.

If you're lucky and your team records sales calls, then spend some time checking your peers’ recordings.

Take notes and repeat what works best.

Feel like one of your peer needs feedback and advice?

Don’t wait for your manager to notice. Go listen to their recording!

Only 10% of reps use recordings to help others.

You're uniquely placed to give some thoughtful advice on how they could improve.

The bottom line is: always be learning.

#10 Be crazy organized

So now you’re saving time on commuting 'cause you’re remote?

You feel like you have so much more time and can be extra productive.

Well wait up a minute…

Working from home can be distracting for some.

So you’ve got to be super organized.

Take notes for every single lead, update your CRM consistently, track literally everything.

Be your usual organized self and take it to the next level.

Pro Tip: If you are using Salesforce let Bonjour update your CRM for you

Turn sales calls into learnings and learnings into action.

Bonjour is videoconferencing designed for sales professionals with built-in sales intelligence to set up the foundations for your team's growth.

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