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By Marc Richard

14 Ways to Use Call Recordings to Crush Your Sales Quota

14 Ways to Use Call Recordings to Crush Your Sales Quota. Sales call recordings are a minefield of insights. But how can you get the most out of them to close more deals? We’ve interviewed 100...

14 Ways to Use Call Recordings to Crush Your Sales Quota.

Sales call recordings are a minefield of insights. But how can you get the most out of them to close more deals?

We've interviewed 100 sales reps and managers and we've come up with 14 surefire ways you can use recordings to improve your sales skills and nail your next call.

Here's what we found out.

For Sales Reps:

#1 Help your champions sell internally

We usually rely on our champions to give us key insights into the business.

Now it's your turn to equip them with the intelligence they need to help them sell your solution internally.

Send them the recording, we promise you'll be happily surprised with the end results.

#2 Replay the game for self-improvement

Not sure what you're doing right?

Top sellers get in the habit of listening to 2 calls a week.

The huge plus? You can do it in your own time - no need to schedule some time in your calendar, just press play.

#3: Want to be a manager? Listen to your peers' recordings to help them improve

As we say, dress for the job you want.

Good managers aren't necessarily the best closers but they know how to train and upskill their team.

Listen to your peers recording.

You can catch tidbits on what they're doing right or wrong and help them improve.

More than half of salespeople rely on their peers to get tips for improving.

#4 Be prepared for your follow up meeting

2 weeks ago you had a call with your best potential deal.

You took some notes but...

Some important things are missing.

What if you could start the next call as if the last one just ended?

Use your last call recording to be well-prepared and close the deal.

#5 Level up your game

Someone in your team is killing it and you want to know their secret?

Go listen to their calls, figure out what they do differently, then replicate, and boom, crush that quota.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

#6 Give your prospect's your full attention without the fear of losing information

83% of sales think they listen to their prospects' needs.

And curiously enough, only 62% of buyers think they do.

Why? Salespeople are used to taking notes during the call and they're always thinking of the next questions.

If you have the ability to check back on the recording, no more note-taking needed, you'll be fully present during meetings.

#7 Get help from your manager or the product team

You're working on a key deal. Everything was going well but your prospect raised an objection that you couldn't answer?

Share the recording with your manager or the product team to ask for help.

The larger the deal is, the more selling becomes a sport team.

For Managers:

#8 Create a library of best practices for a kick-ass onboarding.

As a sales manager, you should place a high priority on ramping up your reps during their onboarding.

Here at Bonjour, Kat made the best use of our recordings.

She built onboarding playlists for discovery, objection handling and demos.

The result?

Our subsequent hires ramped up in a 2-4 week period, compared to the 4.5 month period for the average SaaS AE. Not bad, huh?

Pro Tip: quota achievers listen to 20-30 calls/month during their onboarding.

#9 Verify if your new messaging is being adopted

So, you've just changed your sales methodology but you don't know how your reps are implementing it?

Rolling out new sales messaging is like hitting the reset button. It’s all about behavior change and transformation.

A good way to make sure that your sales rep are adopting your new sales methodology is to leverage call recordings and call scoring.

Target the areas where each rep needs help and this will have a major impact on your overall sales numbers.

Grab your free call scoring cheat sheet now.

#10 Understand what your top sellers are saying to transform B-Players into A-Players.

Your CRM isn't giving you the whole picture.

You're not entirely sure what your best rep is saying to crush their quotas?

Listen to their calls to replicate best practices across the team.

#11 Get greater visibility of your sales reps' conversations for your 1:1s and pipe reviews.

Prepping for your 1 on 1s has never been easier.

Sure, going through all of your reps' recordings is time consuming.

So why not ask them to bring you their best (or worst) call so you can give them tailored coaching?

#12 Create a coaching, collaborative & winning sales culture

If you coach like people did 10 years ago, you and your team will miss your number.

Salespeople now expect you to invest in their development.

In fact, 60% of sales reps say they'll leave the company if their manager is a poor coach. Yikes.

If you don’t do sales coaching, they’ll leave. All they have to do is reply to the latest LinkedIn message they received from a recruiter.

There's no way around it. Recordings are here to stay.

And there's no better tool than Bonjour to help you create that winning sales culture.

For the company:

#13 Create a stellar Hand-off between Sales & CSM

We all know it, hand-offs are tricky. It's easy for mistakes to creep in.

And your buyers don't like to repeat themselves.

Recordings equips your Customer Success team with everything they need. No more back and forth.

#14 Align the whole team around the voice of the customer by sharing recordings

Product just launched a new feature? Marketing crafted a new sales deck?

Everyone in the company can literally hear the voice of the customer with recordings, and use it to improve their work.

Customer success now knows how to prepare for onboarding before the deal has even been signed.

Marketing writes copy that reflects how a prospect talks.

Product management can understand use cases for new feature requests.

And so on...

Turn sales calls into learnings and learnings into action.

Bonjour is videoconferencing designed for sales professionals with built-in sales intelligence to set up the foundations for your team's growth.

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