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By Ben Bronsther

Q&A with Warmly’s Max Greenwald

Max Greenwald is the Co-founder and CEO of Warmly, a Zoom App that integrates with your calendar and provides instant insights on every person your meet with.

Earlier this month, Max and I connected for a recorded interview that felt like a friendly conversation. A conversation fueled, no doubt, by the fact that Warmly helped us discover a shared experience - we spent a summer years ago working for the same federal agency.

In answer to my questions, Max shared his thoughts on:

  • How Zoom affects our ability to connect as human beings
  • The benefits that products like Warmly provide to salespeople (and others)
  • What we can all expect from Zoom and Warmly in the months ahead

What inspired you to create the product?  What is the origin story of the idea?

“The pandemic hits and all of a sudden sales crash, we’re struggling to generate pipeline, and it was hard...we felt like there had to be a better way because we were struggling to connect with people which we found to be the fundamental foundation by which you get shit done… and so we wanted to be an of-the-moment connection tool to help sales folks and other go-to-market leaders and really innovators be creative in how they connect with prospects and people in other organizations...”

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Did you have a target demographic or persona in mind when creating the product?  Who would you say your Zoom App is most for?

“Warmly is used as a free tool by a lot of different people… we’re a remote culture tool for new employees to connect with their coworkers, we’re a marketing tool for marketing teams to help brands share more about what they want to get across to people who meet with their employees, and then we’re also a sales enablement or sales tool to help sellers connect more with people they’re meeting with.”

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Knowing that our audience is predominantly salespeople, how does Warmly most help people in that role?

“I think what helps salespeople the most is showing up to meetings feeling more prepared and being able to drive a connection so that you can focus the conversation on why your software or service is great and not have to overcome the hurdle of ‘ehh this thing is nice but I’m not connecting with the person.’ We find that so much of what sales really is is being able to establish that bond… because we’re people at the end of the day and we want to help people that we like.”

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What exciting things might we expect from Warmly in the coming months and years?

“We’re really interested in creating the future of how people connect in their meetings, and so what you can expect from us is a lot more features around customizability of your business card… really being able to express who you are and how you want to come off… as well as more interesting insights and info on people as our database gets built up and as people add more interesting things about themselves.

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Warmly won a Zoomtopia Innovation Award for best use of the Zoom Developer Platform.

You can listen to the entire interview here including a discussion about how Warmly decided what data points to include in the app and the future of Zoom Apps themselves.

Want to try Warmly for yourself?  Add the app to Zoom for free via Warmly’s website!

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