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By Ben Bronsther

Q&A with Rev's Corey Diamant on the Zoom App making every meeting engaging and accessible

Industry-leading speech-to-text company, Rev recently launched Rev Meeting Assistant, a Zoom App that creates real-time, searchable, and shareable transcripts of everything said during your meetings.

Corey Diamant is a Senior Product Manager at Rev. Before Rev, Corey founded Workout Maker, an iOS app. Before that, Corey was a civil engineer. Needless to say, he has a unique take on the advent of Zoom, Zoom Apps in general, and what's to come for this new ecosystem.

“I think being able to consolidate, understand and keep track of information across multiple types of meetings will only become more important.”

In answer to our questions, Corey shared his thoughts on:

  • How to make virtual meetings and classes more accessible for millions of people
  • The benefits that products like Rev Meeting Assistant provide salespeople
  • The opportunities that lie ahead at the intersection of in-person and virtual workplaces and classrooms

What inspired you to create the product?  What is the origin story of the idea?

“Rev Meeting Assistant actually started as a hackathon project when one of our engineers ran live Zoom audio through our own best-in-class live speech engine.  The project turned into a live, on-screen captions product that made Zoom meetings and classes accessible for thousands of teachers and students and other Zoom users across the globe.  This was all before the announcement of the Zoom Apps platform, but as soon as we heard about all the functionality that Zoom Apps could unlock, we were definitely sold on transforming our technology into an even more powerful tool.”

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Did you have a target demographic or persona in mind when creating the product?  Who would you say your Zoom App is most for?

“We had two main personas in mind, each with slightly different but also overlapping needs, and those were educational institutions and businesses, as they were both forced to adapt the way they collaborated as the world quickly turned remote in 2020… in the education world we really wanted to focus on creating an environment that was accessible to all, promoted better comprehension and focus, and facilitated collaboration… but we also want to make sure that professionals are efficient and productive with their time and are able to produce actionable outcomes from their meetings.”

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Knowing that our audience is predominantly salespeople, how does Rev Meeting Assistant most help people in that role?

“Salespeople, in particular, can take advantage of all of these benefits. Staying engaged on calls is vital to creating healthy relationships, reviewing calls after can help ensure details are understood, personal improvements can be made and action items are followed up on.  And, during the sales cycle, as clients maybe pass to other colleagues, records of every call can be shared so that everyone is completely up to date.”

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What exciting things might we expect from Rev in the coming months and years?

“Basically our goal here is to provide the live transcript to help engagement and focus during meetings as well as help understand the content that’s actually happening after the fact, and create more productive and actionable meetings.  So many of us are on zoom all day long and it’s hard to keep track of it all. So, some additions were looking to make - key moments that happen during meetings, how do you actually save them and make sure that they are easy to access later? ...Can you extract the insights, summaries, and action items that you’re looking for out of your meetings no matter what type of persona you are?… the next step on top of that is collaboration so once you’ve actually extracted those insights and action items, how do you make sure that everyone’s on the same page and aligned, ready to move forward after the meeting”

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Rev’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) AI is the most accurate on the market, enhancing readability by grouping complete thoughts and adding precise punctuation.

Click here to watch the entire interview including a discussion about what’s ahead for Zoom Apps themselves.

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