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The Ultimate List of Remote Sales Tools

The Ultimate List of Remote Sales Tools Ready to level up your remote sales tools stack? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of tools to help remote sales teams close more deals and crush their quotas...

The Ultimate List of Remote Sales Tools

Ready to level up your remote sales tools stack? We've compiled the ultimate list of tools to help remote sales teams close more deals and crush their quotas.

Salespeople spend 2/3rd of their days researching leads, entering data, writing emails, scheduling calendar meetings and doing other admin tasks. That's huge. With the right tools though, remote sales teams can automate tasks to free up more time for higher value work: speaking with prospects and closing more deals. Our ultimate list will arm you and your team with the best remote sales tools on the market today. Tried and tested by our very own remote sales team so you don't have to!

Sales CRM tools

One of the most important remote sales tool you'll choose, a good CRM should make your life easier and seamlessly integrate in your current workflows. It can be very costly to switch CRMs so make sure you're choosing the one that will grow alongside your company.


The powerhouse for CRMs, Salesforce is where teams connect with their customers. And that includes us 🙋 . We use Salesforce to manage our entire leads, opportunities, and deals in one centralized platform. We love it because it integrates with Bonjour meaning that our remote sales team have everything they need right in Salesforce from call notes, to transcripts and call data.

Pricing: From 20€ per user per month


First off, it's free. At least its basic version, which is already pretty powerful and is perfect for startups and small businesses. The ease of use is definitely one of its key differentiator, and it regularly ranks as a top CRM for small businesses. It also offers additional paid features that are more suitable to bigger companies and enterprises.

Pricing: Free


Pipedrive is the CRM for the UI obsessed salespeople out there. It boasts a simple and intuitive experience with all the functionalities you need to manage leads, deals, automate tasks and get detailed insights and reports. It's been said that they have one of the best mobile apps for sales teams too which we think is definitely a big plus to keep in touch with your remote sales team, anywhere you are.

Pricing: From $12.5 per user per month


If you're a small business/startup and feel like doing a bit of DIY and are committed to building the perfect CRM to fit your needs, then Airtable might be a good solution for you. It's not a CRM per se and so will some specific features but it's lightweight, customizable and great for remote work.

Pricing: Free plan with limited features

Other CRM alternatives: Zoho, Zendesk

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Sales Prospecting and Engagement Tools

You can turn your sales cycle into a well-oiled machine with the right remote sales tools that help you better find and engage with your prospects. The tools below will give you superpowers to do just that.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The holy grail of prospecting. Being remote shouldn't keep you away from catching up with hot leads and identifying new ones. That's where LinkedIn Sales Nav comes in. Connect with people, engage and follow up with them. LinkedIn is where salespeople literally live in our current remote times. It's become the workspace for salespeople and should be at the top of your ultimate remote sales tool stack.

Pricing: From $65/month

Alternative: Crunchbase Pro


Today's unprecedented times require even more action to hit those revenue goals. For that reason, our remote sales team swears by Salesloft. It's our CRM's co-pilot to automate and personalize our sales outreach. It’s a robust remote sales tool for following up with prospects in a truly automated way. Sequences on Salesloft help our reps connect with their prospects by creating just enough touch points to drive engagement.

Pricing: On request

Alternatives: Outreach, Reply...


Ok we're a bit biased but we just would NOT be operating as efficiently if it wasn't for our own tool. Bonjour is a videoconferencing tool designed for salespeople. We use it to give great demos and coach our sales team with recordings. In a remote setting, managers can no longer overhear their reps talking to prospects, and so the ability to record sales video calls becomes much more important. It enables managers but also reps to view recordings in their own time and give feedback sessions to another, whenever they can. It's our secret remote sales weapon to build a team made up of only A-players!

Pricing: Get in touch with us 👋

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Intercom is a live chat yes, but it's also much more than that. We use it to identify, qualify, and engage with our prospects thanks to its live chat feature. Intercom is also a great tool to engage and retain our customers at different stages of the funnel.

Pro tip for remote sales teams: leverage the Team Inbox feature to the max! It's especially handy for distributed teams to collaborate on prospects & customer communications.

Pricing: From $39/month for its basic solo offer.

Alternatives: Drift, LiveChat, UseResponse

Sales Process tools

Free-up more time in your day and remove frictions from your sales process with the below tools.


Emails are boring. And if they're not personalized enough, chances are your prospect won't hit reply. Enter videos. Loom allows you to take quick videos where you can introduce your product, do a quick demo or even just ask a few qualifying questions. It doesn't get more personalized than that. And chances are your prospects will be more likely to hit that holy reply button.

Pricing: Free limited plan

Alternative: Vidyard


You've just closed. Congrats! Now for signing. Yousign allows you to seamlessly send contracts to your customers for them to sign. You can track their progress wherever you are, making it a safe and secure remote sales tool for our current times. It's allowed us to forget about the admin stuff and to fully focus on our customers.

Pricing: From 25€ per user/month

Alternative: Docusign


Another sales tool to cut down on emails we can get behind! Calendly has made scheduling meetings fun. Yes, fun! Just share your Calendly link with your prospect, they pick a time and the event gets added to your calendar. No more back and forth, just pure ease and simplicity.

Pricing: Free plan

Alternative: Hubspot calendar


When onboarding new employees and inviting them to your stack of remote sales tools you'll get the inevitable questions: "Could you please share the login detail to Tool X?". You'll have to scramble to find them, copy and paste it on Slack or whichever message app you use and send it your teammate. Not only is this bad for privacy, it's also inefficient. 1password helps you centralize all passwords in a secure place for the whole team. Useful even for long-time employees who need to set up their home office from scratch and have access to all the passwords on another computer/system.

Pricing: From $3.99 per user/month

Alternative: Dashlane

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Communication & Productivity

These are not sales tools per se but will supplement your stack to keep you and your remote sales team at the height of your productivity. And with communication being paramount in our remote times, you've got to choose the tools to keep everyone on the same page.


Slack is the go-to for all our internal communications and it powers our remote sales teams. Now instead of having siloed conversations we use Slack to add transparency so that everyone (non sales teams alike) know what's going on at every stage of the funnel. We highly recommend you create dedicated channels to celebrate the wins, to view booked meetings in real time, to track the quarter's target progress etc.

Pricing: Free limited plan

Alternatives: Teams, Tandem

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Random Coffee

Not really a tool per se, but we had to get it on the list! Random Coffee is a Slack integration we use to generate random coffee meetings with every member of the team. Our remote sales teams loves it because it allows people to give each other informal feedback, catch up on non-work related stuff and give each other kudos for a job well done!

Pricing: Free


Transitioning to remote work is not easy on everyone. Some might see their productivity soar while others might find it harder to focus. There's no more sales floor excitement and it's harder to motivate each other. With Clockify, you can what your team is working on and it gives you detailed reports on what you worked on and how much time you spent on each task throughout the week. It's a time management tool that will help your sales team reach even higher efficiency and collaborate better together.

Pricing: Free

Alternative: Toggl


Notion is an all-in-one workspace for your company. We use it as our company wiki, it's where we bring together all our knowledge and where we collaborate on docs asynchronously. Looking for the latest Q4 targets progress? Notion. Searching for the product roadmap? Notion. Looking for the customer journey? Notion. Every time we onboard a new person in our sales team, they have a heap of documents to read on Notion to get them up to speed on our company culture & sales process. It's a remote sales tool we couldn't live without!

Price: From $8 per user/month

Alternative: Slite

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